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Prospero Pastorelli
22 Jun 2011 08:32:55AM @prospero-pastorelli:
Thanks for your greeting. Yes, I come often and hope to keep coming to Melioria Island.
Varvara von Engelhardt
14 Aug 2011 01:09:09AM @varvara-von-engelhardt:
Thank you very much,Madame Timeless.I come sometimes in Melioria,I have a very good friend there,hope to meet you soon there.Lady V.
Summer Serendipity
20 Mar 2012 09:46:36AM @summer-serendipity:

... and I am very honored by your friendship as well, dear Sere. ( :

Joan Claremont
22 Apr 2012 08:39:55AM @joan-claremont:
So nice to see you here! :-)
Lady Aphrodite Macbain
26 May 2012 10:43:16PM @lady-aphrodite-macbain:

I would be honoured too Sere. :-)