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Duché de Coeur: A Change is in the Air

user image 2013-08-04
By: Tatiana Dokuchic
Posted in: Duché de Coeur

A fresh breeze is blowing through the Duch de Coeur.
Cool, clean,
it brings the promise of renewal
the excitement of change.

We're accustomed to renewal in the Duché. Over the past five years, we've prided ourselves on changing with the seasons and adapting to the times. Even if those timesdid tend to reflect thelate 1700's ;)

Now we'veembarked onan exciting new challenge. Land will be reshaped, rivers will be diverted and the carriage horses will be taught new routes. Old haunts will be removed only to reappear, refreshed in their new locations.

Soon we will be officially inviting you to rediscover our beloved land. Until then, you can still explore to your heart's content and have fun spying out some of the work in progress.

Don't mind the dust, that's just some Coeur magic in the air!

Photo: Nordic Wild by Head Like an Orange

04 Aug 2013 06:50:57AM @quecay:

Great news!!

Candace Ducatillon
04 Aug 2013 08:02:36AM @candace-ducatillon:

My my but this sets the tone for anticipation ...

Marian Valeska
04 Aug 2013 02:31:43PM @marian-valeska:

The Duch -- and the creative forces at its center -- never ceases to amaze, inspire and utterly charm me.

Lady Burnstein
05 Aug 2013 07:00:42AM @lady-burnstein:

Oh wonderful news!!! Good job...:))

Tatiana Dokuchic
05 Aug 2013 01:05:51PM @tatiana-dokuchic:

Read the latest news:

Fresh Breeze Expected to become Hurricane

and get your water wings out ;)