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Shared Seas Sailboat Race

user image 2014-04-14
By: Tatiana Dokuchic
Posted in: Duché de Coeur

Way too much fun was had at the April running of the Shared Seas Sailboat Race !

The competitors loaded up their boats with lucky charms & brave passengers before setting sail on the challenging course that threaded its way through the Duch de Coeur & Rocca Sorrentina.

It was a bit of a wonder that Fortune smiled on everyone and they all made it to the finish line, a bit soggy but mostly intact.

Perhaps the Navigator Challenge is having a beneficial effect on our Shared Seas Sailors as not a shipwreck or lost vessel was to be reported.

There were, however, rumours of some rather aggressive sailing maneuvers conducted by my sister, Skye. Something about her attempting to drive Mercury onto the rocks?
I'm not going to ask too many questions about that.

In any case, all was forgiven as the worthy sailors received their awards.

Claire-Sophie de Rocoulle
14 Apr 2014 03:44:07PM @claire-sophie-de-rocoulle:

This was such a fun event, even for the people just there watching - thank you for organising it :)

Tatiana Dokuchic
14 Apr 2014 03:47:56PM @tatiana-dokuchic:

It was my pleasure, Claire-Sophie!

Many thanks for participating :)