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[AoR] News ~ May 4, 2024

Tatiana Dokuchic
2 months ago
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We’ve been bulking up over the past week.  Here are some highlights.


Master Skill Achievements

Congratulations go out to Banjo, now a Master Cooper.  He joins Ardrhys and Thomas Richard Cave at the top of the trade.

Speaking of Masters, a new Master Skill List has been posted for your perusal.  We certainly are a highly skilled bunch of farmers and artisans!


Household Challenge (HHC)

The monthly challenge for April is still ongoing so if you haven’t played now is the time.  I will probably leave it up at least until Aph returns so she can have a go at it.

[AoR] Household Management Challenge - Age Of Reason |


Bulk Sugar & Bread

Bulk Sugar (80 units) is now available for sale in the Market.  Many thanks to Banjo for slaving over a hot cauldron so we don’t have to. 

Bulk Bread (40 units) is also available in the Market.  We have Sere to thank for her baking skills.

Both these bulk items can be found at the Rocca Sorrentina market stall.

I don’t know about you, but this will make my weekly Household Management Challenge so much easier! I might even be able to get it done weekly.


Taxes Explained

Ever wonder how the taxes on your labour was being divvied up? Taxes Explained can answer some of those questions.


Fair Prices

A notice went out including a notecard for the fair pricing of all harvested and crafter items.  Check out the [AoR] Support Group for your copy.


… processing …

Does your crafter or harvester get stuck on processing?  You wait your allotted time and still … processing … ?  You touch it and it tells you that the crafter/harvester is off?  Frustrating, believe me I know!  Rest assured that you haven’t done anything wrong (it’s the result of communication gone haywire between SL and the database). 

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.  When it does, please contact Tat who will prod Rousseau to send you your product.  You should also contact the owner of the crafter/harvester who can reset or rerezz it to get it back into action.

I like to think that into every roleplay life a little rain must fall and apparently this is ours.  Luckily, it’s more of a drizzle than a downpour.


Brand-new Culinary Delights

  • Rice has been added as an imported ingredient. See Myraim to purchase.  While researching this, I learned that rice has been grown in Italy for centuries starting around 1460 in the south and gradually moving north over the years.
  • Rissotto, a traditional Italian rice dish, is available for us to savour.


Fish & Seafood

We’re making good progress on the Fish & Seafood front.

A new “Fish trap” (used to catch shrimp, crab & lobster) is undergoing testing and new recipes are being prepared to take advantage of that bounty.

While you’re waiting, you might want to dust off those rusty sailing skills in anticipation.


So how went your week?  Did you manage to make any cheese? Go on any adventures? We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.




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Sir Thomas Cave
2 months ago
149 posts

I've yet to make the seafood dishes, but I am happy to report how extremely enjoyable it is to sail around. Very relaxing! My best advice is to stay on the water, flying boats don't end well.