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A Caribean Adventure ...... Part 4

By Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti, 2013-07-24

A Caribean Adventure by Alikasah01 and KianaDumont

Chapter 4

Crossing the Atlantic.

Soon we saw the coast of France only as a fading line at the horizon and as the sun came up to its full strength we were at the ocean.

Immediately we went down to the small Cabin, Captain Clodelle has assigned me.Matisse had an even smaller room, but so he was not forced to join the rest of the crew...the sailors seemed a bit rough.My skin was not used to be exposed to this strong sunlight without any protection. We got set as good as possible under this circumstances. Matisse was cleaning the floor and I tried to make the bunk , which was made of coarse wood, a bit more comfortable. After all was done, we sat down on the little wooden stools in the Cabin and looked clueless at each other and listened to the sounds of the waves and the ship, which seemed to groan and moan.


Unexpectedly someone knocked at the door and without waiting for permition a young sailor entered the cabin. The Captain is awaiting you for Lunch, dont let him wait...he does not like it! With a wide grin he went away.Insolence !I thought, I was not used to such a rude behaviour.

So we went upstairs on Deck than straight up the steps to the aft deck, where the cabin of Captain Clodelle was. I knocked and heared a loud Entrez!. Have a seat Monsieur Brouchet. The boy shall contact the cook in the galley...ordered the Captain. Matisse turned around and left the room . I took a seat. Opposite of me was the first officer Monsieur Vichot. He seemed kind and cultivated, the Captain introduced us and I noded friendly.

I still have problems to write about the food.... I ask for your understanding that I do not want to describe it any further. I guess ... I feel sick! I stammered, as the ship began to roll. I ran outside to the ships railing and feeded the fish. A rough laughter came from the Cabin behind me. In the same style the next days passed. In these days the bible of Claire-Sophie was a huge aid.

Matisse seemed to be used to this Lifestyle, but I feared about his good manners.... I heared him curse godless several times. His hair grew longer and longer and soon he did not look as the good behaved little Moor any longer. It will certainly take a lot of time again for him to unlearn all this. As I noticed on a walk onboard that the sailors taught him to fight with a saber, it was time to intervene. I taught him now every evening two hours in the Catholicism,

he now had to learn Bible verses by heart .


After a few weeks there was a big storm and I spent days seasick in my bunk. The Captain asked every day about my condition, that showed that there was a kind and warm Person behind the rough shell. He did everything to avoid the contact between me and the crew. Noone of them should notice that I am a woman. I was very glad , as he allowed me to lend some of the books of his little library....So the days passed boring and dreary. Matisse was used to his obligations on board and had fun while he climbed the Masts. Every time as I saw it I feard his soon death and was glad he returned safe and sound to the cabin.

One the morning I heard a sailor yell LAND! Land in sight ! Immediately I ran on deck and saw a thin dark line at the horizon. Several Seabirds, later known as Frigatebirds by Monsieur Lacpde, acompanied the ship...... I inhaled relieved..... MARTINIQUE!

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A Caribean Adventure ....... PART 3

By Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti, 2013-07-16

A Caribean Adventure by Alikasah01 and KianaDumont/ Letter by Claire-Sophie de Fiennes (Tjay)

Chapter 3

No Way Back


The tall man in the blue Uniform looked around and came straight towards us. He liftet his tricone very elegant and said to me: I asume you must be the noble Lady ,who asked about my ship.... I am Captain Charles Clodelle, enchant! His direct words made me feel a bit embarrassed.....I felt that I blushed. ...Indeed Monsieur, you are right....but...but how did you know ? I stuttered. Ha haha ha....These harbour towns are all similar... he laughed It comes around very quickly , when uncommon travelers arrive.... Uncommon ?? I asked and raised an eyebrow.

In a wide Breton dialect he replied Well, such a fine noble Lady travelling alone, only acompanied by a Moor.....that is quite unusual and will be recognized by everybody! He voluntarily took a seat, pulled out a clay pipe from his pocket, stuffed it with tobacco and lighted it on a candle. Immediately an acrid stench filled the room. Matisse jumped up and fanned fresh air towards me. The Captain seemed to be amused You have certainly never been on sea Madame ? ...Right ?

Oh sure Monsieur.....several times... with a Gondola on the great Bassin in Versailles or in a rowing boat on a pond of the Family was quite thrilling I started to giggle. His mouth opened slowely and the clay pipe fell down on the table. He had a hard facial expression and hissed Listen carefully Madame! You have two opportunities: 1. You take your little servant and go back to your Gondolas immediately....or......2. You take my ship to the Caribean the way I tell you now ! The determination with wich he said that, allowed no arguing. Noone had ever tried to speak to me in that way.

But this journey was far too important, so I nodded Daccord, what shall I do to acompany you....? Bien ! he relaxed You will get some male clothing today....not too flashy. You will travel as Monsieur Brouchet. My crew shall not know anything about you. And our little friend here ....-he pointed at Matisse-...will get some common Clothing like a cabin boy.... can he at least peel some potatoes?

Oh mon Dieu, mon petit Matisse never gets dirty!.... But Matisse noded I will try my best Captain! The boy seems at least reasonable... he smiled warmly You will become a real Sailor! Mon petit Matisse.... a Sailor?....I almost fainted, but I pulled myself together and noded aswell. The captain stood up Everyone is allowed with ONE chest! He went towards the exit and turned around The ship will depart at dawn!. Matisse and me stared at each other without any words.....

After our return to the Inn, Matisse disapeared to get the clothes in the town. I received a little parcel from the Innkeper, he got it as our luggage arrived .It contained an old battered Bible and a letter.....



I hold the bible tight and wiped away a little chere Cousine Claire-Sophie.....


The next Morning at dawn, a certain Monsieur Brouchet and a little black cabin boy were at the Pier with their chests. The captain made a gesture to come on board, I got a dark cabin assigned and heard the yelling of the sailors and even louder the commands of the captain. We went on deck and saw how the wind was blowing into the sails and the ship started to move...

There was no way back !


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A Caribean Adventure...Part 2

By Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti, 2013-07-05

A Caribean Adventure by Alikasah01 and KianaDumont


The Rise Of An Idea

As I woke up, I found myself fully dressed on my bed. What has happened?....Oh yes the letter...... but all seemed like a bad dream. It already started to get dark outside...the shadows

in the house began to grow taller. Through my open Bedroom door I noticed a pale beam of came from the Library. I rose and moved cautiously over to the Library.

Matisse sat with a bowed head on the sofa....the letter on the table in front of him....So it was no Dream! As he noticed me he stood up and looked at me realy worried moved a chair for me and asked : Shall I get you a cup of Tea , Madame? I noded, sat down dazed and asked:

What happened, Matisse? He stoped on his way turned back to me and said: You fainted in the Chambre de Musique, Mylady. Your Chambermaid Marie and I put you on your bed. I was just going to call for the family doctor, Docteur Panacek..... Oh that wont be neccesary

Matisse, merci....but get me the Tea... With a casual movement of my hand I dismissed him, he bowed and went away. I read the letter once more.........we might need to expect the worst.........was Jules-Philippe still alive? Whom should I contact ? And the ransom.....

10 000 Livre! Mon Dieu! Who does these Pirates think we are ?


Matisse just came back with a cup of Tea, with a little bow he placed the small tray on the table and looked at me quizzically. I just thought I need to get the money....somehow!.

Matisse get me a feather, some ink and some Paper!. He did as he was told and sat down on a cushion next to the table. After a few sips of tea, I began to write several the Royal Navy Ministry and to some wealthy relatives with the request for money.

Dawn just began as I sealed the letters with wax and ordered a Valet to bring it to the courier service We should retire and get some sleep.... I mentioned and the little Moor noded thankfully.

Desperat Days of waiting followed....The beautiful Parc de Lourmarin was in full bloom, but I could not enjoy it. The little jokes of Matisse did not brighten my mood, even as he tried as much as possible to change my thoughts.....

After a felt eternity the Messenger came back with some letters.....As Matisse brought them to me I felt reliefed.....after that the deepest desperation....Admiral de Grasse of the Royal Navy Ministry told me that the coincedence needs further observation..... My relatives told me that they have higher expenses for their households at the moment and they are not able to lent me any money....etc..... My Desperation followed anger. One evening I swept the letters from the table furiously. Matisse ducked himself frightend. I rose and walked towards the window, I looked outside to the sea and played lost in my thoughts with the Globe. The Globe began to spin and promptly Matisse said, who followed me to the window,Look....America! I glanced on the globe...realy Western Europe and the coastline of the new world. I thougt....and spontaniously something came to my mind....Matisse... we will do something in that case...... we will travel to the Caribean! His little eyes seemed to drop out of his head.....

Ohhhhhh, Madame is not aware ...what she just mentionedhe made the sign of the cross.

This was the first time after all I needed to laugh I am absolutely aware mon Petit! I poked him on his nose.

661_blogs.png?width=750 In the following days my
Chambermaid packed my travel chest. Do we realy need to take all this with us
? asked Matisse. A Lady of my Position, never travels without a suitable wardrobe, that you should know
Matisse! I answered. He murmured something in Creole, which I do not want to
translate in this moment. The Bagage was sent ahead with a coach, the
destination was LeHavre....a few days later we followed.


We passed the beautiful Landscape of France and we reached Le Havre in the late Afternoon of the following day.

We took accommodation in a suitable Inn and we asked for the departing ships. This is your lucky day, your grace said the Innkeeper The Triumph de France shall depart tomorow. The Captain will be certainly in the Ancre dOr Tavern tonight....

After a little Toilette, we went to the Ancre dOr Tavern and ordered a light meal.....we looked around ......The tavern was filled with sailors, who drank and smoked their pipes. We waited anxiously.Suddenly the sailors calmed and a tall man in a blue Uniform entered the room......The Captain was there.......

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A Caribean Adventure......

By Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti, 2013-07-04

A Caribian Adventure by Alikasah01 and KianaDumont Resident

Chapter 1

The Letter

It ist he year of the Lord 1774. It is the rise of a new Era in France, but this year already started sad........

Our King, his Majesty Louis XV died at May 10 th and a lot of things changed in France.

Monsieur le Dauphin became the new King Louis XVI and Mme la Dauphine became our new Queen Marie-Antoinette.

High hopes were set on the new King and Queen in their young age.

But that is another story..... It is also the year when I experienced the biggest Adventure of my life......

First, I think, I need to introduce myself...... I am Alexandrine-Josephine de Fiennes, Comtesse de Lourmarin. I was born in March 25 th 1750 into the Noble family of the de Gramonts.

My childhood was protected and nice, I never had to fear poverty or hunger. My dear Father granted us children almost every wish, but he died very early.

To provide a controlled condition of a safe environment for a young noble Mlle like me, I was married in 1768 to a four years younger distant Cousin of the de Fiennes Family.

Jules-Philippe de Fiennes, Comte de Lourmarin......

It was an arranged marriage, my dear Mother always feared that I could end as an old Spinster because I was already 18 years of age.As a young girl you always have the imagination of Romance and true love, but I was aware what the society expected from me....

I do not know much about my husband, he is always a bit reserved towards me. One might think he has a difficult character, but it seems he acts normal, like the gentlemen of his age do in these times. I could never complain , at least he treats me in a nice way. Even when I am not blessed with children in our marriage.....

Soon after the marriage, I was introduced to the Royal Court of Versailles, which was a bit hard for me in the beginning , due to the strict Etiquette. I soon learned, that some Courtiers seemed nice, but werent necessarily nice at all. The advice of my dear Mother to watch always my reputation was very helpful and it certainly safed me from bigger trouble.

Jules-Philippe left for the French Colonies. I am not certain if it was Martinique or Saint Lucia..... Jules-Philippe did not tell me and it was not suitable for me to ask. A woman of my position had other tasks to take care of, than to worry about Politics, colonies or the duties of a Comte. All I did know is , that he is ordered by our formerly King Louis XV to bring back cane sugar to France.....The french Aristocracy developed a huge appetite for sugar and sweets. So my husband returned to France from time to time.

Once from his journeys Jules-Philippe brought back a little black boy called Ali, who was employed as our servant. This little Moor was a sign of wealth, I was told. Even Mme duBarry la Maitresse de roi owened one. Therefore Ali was good educated and well dressed. Very soon he was baptized and recieved the proper catholic name Jean-Matisse.

Jean-Matisse, or Matisse like I used to call him , has always been a trustworthy, loyal and devoted servant. We can call ourselfs fortunated that someone like him is taking care of our Household.


One must have been in June or July.....I returned from my duties at Versailles to our own Estate in southern France... I was relaxing in the Chambre du musique, while Matisse played something on the Harpischord.....I saw a young Messenger on a horse heading to my Palais. He handed out a letter to one of the Valets. Matisse who promptly stopped his play, brought it to me on a silver tray. I opened it and read the following lines........


I just thought . No..... No..... That can not be true! . I droped the letter and felt the weaken of my legs......I felt dizzy and the world around me, turned into black......... be continued

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A Letter from Jules Philippe.....

By Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti, 2012-12-07

Bordeaux 30. November 1773


I hereby inform you that I, your housband Jules-Phillipe, will be arriving shortly. Take care of all necesarry preparations for my arrival.

As I have heard, you know about that silly fever......let it be said, I have recovered ! Even if this quacks in Cayenne wanted to stop me from returning home.

I do hope Madame, you access to the servants a bit more strict, than in the past. Impropriety can and I will not tolerate

Kind regards

Jules Philippe

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