Marie Joséphine de Fiennes
VW: Second Life

Location: Versailles
Country: FR
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Lord Myron de Verne
12 Dec 2010 06:33:11AM @lord-myron-de-verne:

Hello, Joan!...oh sorry! You look like someone I knew, Madame! Welcome to the Courts, anyway:-)

Lady Hartfield
12 Dec 2010 08:50:19AM @lady-hartfield:

Bienvenue! :^)

Anne, Comtesse de Noailles
14 Dec 2010 09:20:57AM @anne-comtesse-de-noailles:

greetings madame!

its a pleasure to meet you

(love your biography!!)

Emilie Juliette de Gramont
15 Dec 2010 11:52:49AM @emilie-juliette-de-gramont:
Greetings, Madame...merci pour votre amitiè!
Sophia Trefusis
19 Apr 2011 05:54:26AM @sophia-trefusis:
Hello :) Tyty for friending me. Well it IS from that movie..cant find a good pic atm.But its from where MA has her and her childrens portrait painted.