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NEW 18th cent. fitted mesh outdoor coat for men!

Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
7 months ago
296 posts

"People are more what they hide than what they show."

Rococo Everard AD.png

Everard is an original materials enabled fitted mesh coat with texture HUD - 8 colours that come in gold and silver trim versions each plus 2 button choices. (Copy)(99L$)

Plain black breeches, white stockings and shoes are included for a complete look.




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Photo taken in Saint Petersburg in SL.


Abbondio Rezzonico
7 months ago
29 posts

Textures and the options through the hud are excellent. Only real critique is about the sizing. I'm a regular human size (1.80-ish), and definitely not of the average SL male shape - after all, I'm a Venetian noble and not a dockworker. Therefore, it looks a tad too bulky on me. But I will definitely wear this in the colder months.

Although the shoes are just extra, they deserve a note. Firstly, and more particular the leg as they are not a nice fit on other breeches - I sadly cannot wear them with anything but these breeches, which limits options for coats or shirts. That being said - I'm in absolute awe over these shoes! And sincerely hope you will, perhaps with some alterations on the calves, make more versions of this. I'm very picky on period shoes, as they often turn out to be clonkers - but these are near to perfection in looks.

So, excellent work in the idea of a closed overcoat; after a decade in the baroque community, I can now finally go out in bad weather! But I very much applaud the shoes!

Abbondio Rezzonico
Banker, Merchant & Vintner
@ Rocca Sorrentina

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