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[AoR] News ~ April 27, 2024

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 months ago
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A lot has happened over the last week!  Here are some highlights.


We welcome André Jacquemin (AndreJacquemin)!  André, a most diligent worker, is lending his labour to the Queen’s Hamlet and helping to get it back in order after a long winter.


Household Challenge (HHC)

Maria & Adrian have just signed on to the HHC and have already completed the monthly challenge for April!  Congratulations!

[AoR] Household Management Challenge - Age Of Reason |


New Bulk Recipes

Mikhail has bitterly complained about the amount of work necessary to keep up with the weekly demands of the HHC.  He’s a hard worker but feels as though baking thirty loaves of bread a week in single batches is making him “lose the will to live”.  We hear you Mikhail and have added some new bulk recipes in an attempt to make life a bit easier.  We have also updated the Packer to produce more bulk containers for easier sale/purchase.

  • Bread 16 units (Oven)
  • Sugar 32 units (Cauldron2 under development)
  • Sugar 80 units (Packer)
  • Small beer 40 units (Packer)
  • Brown ale 40 units (Packer)


Brand-new Culinary Delights

  • Cheddar Potato (Cast iron pot) – the ultimate comfort food, baked potatoes loaded with cheddar cheese. You can make a hearty meal with just one portion.
  • Parsley (Herb pot) – start some growing now for upcoming recipes.
  • Fruit Juice & Drinks (Butter churn) – refreshing drinks just in time for summer


Barrels & Cheeseboxes

Banjo has reminded me that using Security on barrels and cheeseboxes is a good thing especially when working in tight quarters.  The default security is set to the Community but can be changed to Group or Owner by having the owner touch the container and follow the menu instructions.



The cheesemaking process enjoyed a smooth launch and is now well underway.  Read more at Cheesemaking and learn more at 18 th Century Cheesemaking


Fish & Seafood *Coming Soon *

Dreaming of idling some time away this summer at your favourite fishing hole?  Wanting a bit of challenge on the high seas?  Angling for fish and seafood is in the early stages of development.  Stay tuned for updates.




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