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QH Co-op: The News ~ January 5, 2020

Tatiana Dokuchic
2 years ago
1,884 posts

TatianaDokuchicQH Greenhouse Winter 2020.png

Greetings Fellow QH Household Members.

Happy New Year!

It's been ages since our last official QH Newsletter but given all the good things going on in our HH a new one seemed like an excellent idea so here's the news ...

[AES] Transition:

Having read " Take Action! (Before February) " the QH Estate Managers jumped into action to convert all of our QH HH products.  I'm pleased to report that with the exception of a few items (healing potions &  alcohol in special containers) everything has now been updated.  All of the goods being sold under the QH Brand in our market are the latest & greatest.

Ana, Mikhail & I are now resting our fingers after all that clicking and enjoying a beer or two.  Harvesters and Crafters will be converted on schedule at the end of the month.

Work Area Adjustments:

Our growing maturity as a HH combined with the [AES] Transition has resulted in some tweaking of our HH work areas.  This streamlining has also resulted in a much appreciated  reduction in  the work load for HH managers.

HH Kitchen: Remains the same with access to ingredients via both the harvest table and the HH Inventory box.  Well water is delivered directly to the member's inventory and can also be stored in the "water [AES]" autofeeder for easy access.  Please use the wheat & milk from the harvest table to product flour & butter. We can always use bread if you are so inclined to bake it.

Public Kitchen: The harvest table which supplied basic ingredients has been removed as members are being paid via the HH and can afford to buy those ingredients now.  If anyone would like to go into business cooking and/or baking a stall can be made available for you in the QH Market.

Dairy: Ingredients & bread that were provided free of charge to HH members have been removed.

Animal Barn: Remains the same with access to feed via the "QH Animal Feed" autofeeder

Goats & Crops: Remains the same with access to the QH Farm Tool.


With our steadily-increasing group maturity we're starting to see some exciting developments with regard to both public & HH professions.  In the spirit of our co-op we are endeavoring to devise working arrangements that benefit both the group & the Individual.  Promoting individual business ventures is a key component of this strategy so if you have an idea for a business let's discuss it.

We currently have seven HH members and we are not looking to expand that number.  Not only is seven a lucky number but it has proven to be a manageable group size.  Given that we won't be bringing on much (if any) additional help, it is very much appreciated that members continue with their farming duties even as they make their way up the level ladder.

Here's where we currently stand:

HH Owner: Anastasia (aka "money-bags Ana").

HH Controller: Tatiana 

Doctor: Tatiana (though she would be willing to give up this role to another interested member)

Butcher: Currently vacant which isn't a hardship as we can purchase sides of meat on the cheap.

Herbalist:: Una & Margarete are coordinating their efforts and their first perfumes are making their way to our market.

Blacksmith/Miner: Banjo is keeping our supply of cooking pots etc. well stocked.

Brewer/Vintner: Ardrhys is taking up this challenge and given his proven track-record with G&S wines I know he'll do a fabulous job.

Baker/Pastry Chef: Are not yet available but will be exciting additions when added.

Beekeeper: Mikhail is our resident bee wrangler.

Tavern Keeper:  Mikhail is also filling in as tavern keeper but he tends to drink more than he actually sells.

Farmer: Ardrhys, Bessie, Margarete, Mikhail, Una.  If anyone is looking for more farming chores, Mikhail would be happy to give some of his away.

QH Market:

Our market place is coming along nicely.  Basic QH products are being sold and more complex items, such as perfume, are gradually making an appearance.  We also have a wonderful stall filled with rare, imported goods under the "Rezzonico" brand, thanks to Abbondio.  Please support our local businesses with your hard earned coins.

Whew!  As you can see there's a lot going on and the future looks to be full of fun!

As always, please to not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

Thanks for playing along!


Proprietress of Tatiana's Tea Room ~ Owner of the Provence Coeur Estate ~ Webmistress of this site

updated by @tatiana-dokuchic: 05 Jan 2020 11:05:19AM
2 years ago
34 posts

Awesome work and awesome post as usual Tat :) Congrats for QH success!

Tatiana Dokuchic
2 years ago
1,884 posts

Thanks, Louis!  We're very excited about [AES] in this new year as things are really coming together. Couldn't have done it without you and your team of course :)

Proprietress of Tatiana's Tea Room ~ Owner of the Provence Coeur Estate ~ Webmistress of this site
Bessie Hull
2 years ago
41 posts

Would you like me to become the butcher or baker in addition to dairy maid? I could probably change profession at this point.

Tatiana Dokuchic
2 years ago
1,884 posts

It would be great if you would take on the role of baker, Bessie.  I will contact you inworld and we can make arrangements.  Thanks!

Proprietress of Tatiana's Tea Room ~ Owner of the Provence Coeur Estate ~ Webmistress of this site
Una Lunaqat
2 years ago
58 posts

Looking forward to watching our market grow and visiting others.

Una (Unalunaqat Resident)
Madame D'Qat
Ferme sur Mer (Sea View Farm), Queen's Hamlet
Villa Toscana,LL, Rocca Sorrentina