The lands of Antiquity were founded in 2007 on the cusp of two great eras. The elegance of the northern Baroque courts (Principality of Mont Saint Bruno, Royal Court of Carlos III of Spain, Archiducado de Bexar) and the warmth of 18th and 19th century townships (London Park, Texas Capitol, and Somerset) and rolling estates (Finlanda, Britannica, Cambridge and Tejas) meet the rougher, darker pirate worlds of the southern seas and Caribbean islands (Oceania, Battle Dock, Marie Galante, Sea of Antiquity, and Dominica). The result is a rich pastiche of landscapes, characters, and role play opportunities.

In its foundational years, Antiquity was a Grand Duchy, ruled by a Grand Duke and Duchess. As time passed, Antiquity has taken a path to democracy, and is now run by a Parliament. The Grand Duke and Duchess maintain their titles in absentia, but have no direct control over governmental affairs.

The Royal Family of Antiquity is headed by the Crown Regent, who also serves as Sovereign of the Commonwealth. The Crown Regent is the titular head of the Grand Duchy of Antiquity and the highest ranking member of Antiquity Nobility, which also includes owners of the various townships and estates, and others who have provided notable services to the Commonwealth.

The Pirates of Antiquity have dedicated their lives to the constant disruption of both lands and seas. Rumored to have been started by rogue members of the Royal Family, the pirate lands of the south offer many opportunities for those who seek adventure and the chance of riches.

The government of Antiquity is based on a two-chamber Parliament led by a Prime Minister. The upper chamber is the House of Lords; the lower chamber is the House of Ministers. There are various elected officials in the Parliament, with the Prime Minister being the highest elected office in Antiquity.

Antiquity offers ample room for role play development and welcomes visitors. A role play coin system will shortly be available, providing increased opportunity for roles in the community.

Antiquity offers rentals of all kinds. Homes and shops are located in all areas Antiquity. For those wishing to live the pirate or military lives, there are groups ready to accept new recruits.

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