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End of Summer Vacation in Bath

Jacon Cortes
4 years ago
252 posts

Weekend Vacation in Antiquity Bath


Bath, has for centuries been a place people traveled to and visited. The Romans, built baths over the natural hot springs, believed to cure the sick for their own health and religious beliefs. After the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the baths fell into disrepair.
Redeveloped in the 12th and 16th centuries, the final modifications came with the creation of the current 18th century buildings.
By the late 1700's , people were coming from all over to "take the waters" and to see doctors, but also to or be part of the huge social scene that grew up in the city . Being seen in the Pump Room or any of the cities other hot spots was a sign of ones social status & importance.

Role Play Idea:
The rp idea here is vacation. Immersion. Everything should be rp and in character including riding carriage or horse to and from Bath and your house or arrival point of the Central Station. Everyone who RSVP's will have accommodations provided to them for the weekend. Your room will be yours to return to for the duration of the roleplay.
The events are not mandatory. The idea is to spend time in character and have some fun with our friends. If you would rather sit in the hotel library instead of horse ride, that is fine . You may also walk around town or sit in the park .

Volunteers are welcome to help with any of the rp jobs
Hairdresser, Spa Attendant, Hotel Desk, Priest/Reverend, General Hosting - have another character you think will fit in , please let us know .

Coffee on Saturday will be hosted by our friends from Rocca Sorrentina

Log in and out from in your room. Try to stay in character. Do not teleport in front of people or teleport people into the room. Be patient when waiting for replies. No modern talk, TV's or news.
Dont know what to talk about? Look up, Today in history, look for items from the week of Sept 19-26 in a year span of 1700 to 1850. We are not taking a test, just stuff that may interest you and stories to share.

Tentative schedule below.

For rooms for the weekend, contact
Jacon Cortes de Bexar (Jacon Cortes) or John Wilmot III (Raysbc)

Friday, Sept. 21

3pm - 8pm - Hotel Registration - Your may register at any time during the evening.
4pm - 5pm - Cocktails
5pm - 6pm - Cards (Whist)
6pm - 7pm - Dinner
7pm - 8pm - Hotel Registration

Saturday, Sept 22

8am - 9am - Champaign Breakfast
9am - 10am - Horse ride in the forest.

10am - 11am - Break

11am - 12pm - Coffee with Rocca - Francis Hotel Tea Room
12pm - 1pm - Battle viewing party - Texas Governor's Mansion

1pm - 2pm - Break

2pm - 4pm - Spa, Hair Salon, Baths

4pm - 5pm - Break

5pm - 6pm - Dinner
6pm - 8pm - Cards (Whist)

Sunday, Sept 23

8am - 9am - Champaign Breakfast
9am - 10am - Possible Church Service
10am - 11am - Art Exhibit Opening

11am - 12pm - Break

12pm - 2pm - Formal Ball - Don Horus Cedrus - Premier of a new composition by Maestro Horus

2pm - 3pm - Break

3pm - 5pm - Check out

His Royal Highness Jacon Cortes de Bexar Prince of Antiquity, Duke of Cumberland, Duque de Bexar, Duc de la Valliere, Marchese di MSB
Tatiana Dokuchic
4 years ago
1,884 posts

A RP Vacation! What a wonderful idea!!  I feel more relaxed just reading about it :)

Proprietress of Tatiana's Tea Room ~ Owner of the Provence Coeur Estate ~ Webmistress of this site
Jacon Cortes
4 years ago
252 posts

I do hope you can make it.  We have plenty of room at the hotel and would love to have you join us.

His Royal Highness Jacon Cortes de Bexar Prince of Antiquity, Duke of Cumberland, Duque de Bexar, Duc de la Valliere, Marchese di MSB
Tiamat Windstorm von Hirvi
4 years ago
359 posts

Our weekend in Bath was lovely, and our guests added a good deal to the general enjoyment. I must apologize for missing the morning coffee hosted in the hotel garden by La Rocca Sorrentina although my friend the Marchioness of Hertford tells me that discussion was, as always, scintillating. Lady Hertford, of course, is quite pleased that she had His Royal Highness's arm through most of the ball, and that she has a most desirable new acquaintance, Song, the lady of Sir Mansur Marawi of the Larl Valley. The music of Maestro Horus Cedrus, of course, was an important part of the ball's success.

I am told that the equestrian community was invigorated by their forest ride, and that the spa afternoon at Bath's famous baths was delightful.

We may be inviting all of you back to Bath on the evening of Oct. 27th and day of Oct. 28th, when Hallowe'en events (not quite part of Bath's RL history, but a good deal of fun) are being planned. Children in particular are encouraged to come for trick-and-treating, but adults will also find much to enjoy.

Antiquity Hedgewitch

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Mansur Marawi
4 years ago
62 posts

The weekend in Bath was a rousing success. My hearty congratulations to HRH Jacon Cortes and the staff of the Francis Hotel, Pump Room, and Stables for a most delightful holiday. Lady Song and I expanded our acquaintance most pleasurably whilst relaxing in a charming foreign locale. We intend to continue improving and perfecting that growing intimacy with foreign friends by way of frequent visits.

While in Bath, I enjoyed several scenic carriage rides. I received a spa treatment from a princess. I partook in an excellent assortment of tobacco. I even learned a new card game! It was almost drudgery to return home to my palace and private baths. 

Owner, the NEW Larl Valley: