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Edible History: A 250-year-old french fry recipe

Lady Leena Fandango
5 years ago
358 posts

Edible History: A 250-year-old-french-fry-recipe

I thought this was really interesting and unexpected, I never imagined french fries as a historic food.

The video is via facebook.

Cheers all :)

Tatiana Dokuchic
5 years ago
1,889 posts

Well that was enjoyable!  Almost makes me want to try it but don't think I'll be cooking with goose fat anytime soon.  Three cheers for the Dijon mustard :)

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Tiamat Windstorm von Hirvi
4 years ago
359 posts

Oh, this is far too addictive...from the french fry recipe (my word, they are truly French!) I moved to the original hamburger recipe, and from there to a 2,000 year old cheese cake, and was about to start on the ancient tamale when I realized my coffee break ended ten minutes ago...

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