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To all whom it may concern | An announcement

Abbondio Rezzonico
4 years ago
39 posts

Only just dry from the printing presses !

This is the official start of an array of activities, mostly [AES] and otherwise roleplay related.
In the coming weeks artisans and merchants can expect special orders; and are invited to offer their services in preparation for the celebrations. The actual celebrations (both private and public!) will not commence before the ending of Lent (of course).

Announcement  11th of March 1790.png

For more information contact either
Abbondio Rezzonico or Renata Beaumont

Abbondio Rezzonico
Banker, Merchant & Vintner
@ Rocca Sorrentina

updated by @abbondio-rezzonico: 11 Mar 2020 10:32:48AM
Tatiana Dokuchic
4 years ago
1,907 posts

Congratulations Renata & Abbondio!

Very much looking forward to this unfolding.  

Best wishes all around :)

Proprietress of Tatiana's Tea Room ~ Owner of the Provence Coeur Estate ~ Webmistress of this site
Ekaterina Petrovna Shuvalova
4 years ago
209 posts

My dear Count Rezzonico, this is very grand news. I am sure your mother, the dear Countess, is as busy with this as she is happy about it. I wish you and your new bride a successful and fruitful life together.

RIP Lady Olivia
4 years ago
17 posts

How exciting! I hope that if your honeymoon travels take you to England that you'll plan a stop at Hatchford! ♥