French Kingdom of Antiquity

French Kingdom of Antiquity

Year 1750,
The Kingdom is in movement, King Louis the first is on the battlefield and sick. His son, Prince Louis-Philippe d'Amblise recently got married to the Princess Claudia-Anne D'Orleans. The kingdom is now under the rulership of the royal couple. While the king is away , the young Prince and princess have to keep the court running peacefully and make alliances with the Spanish and English kingdoms that shares the Loire borders. To achieve and maintain a certain peace, the court had to be moved closer to the country side. Their Highness than, ordered the construction of the new Chteau de St-Louis , in order to keep the high standard of the court while taking advantage of the frivolity of the country side life.

Geographic situation :

The French kingdom is part of Antiquity's empire since a long time.
It have Francophone origins and is located in the Loire region.
The great kingdom covers the Loire, Bexar and Battledock's forest.

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