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Last Dance with Rodvik

By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2014-03-29

Warning!! Given Rodvik's recent departure from Second Life, the title of this post might imply some melodramatic musings when it's actually a response to Strawberry Singh's latest Monday Meme, Dance in Second Life Challenge .

And though this post isn't melodramatic it is a bit nostalgic. As I wrote in Adventures w Flat Rod: Rod Humble Crept into My Life ,it was taken in the Ballroom of Languedoc Coeur.

I LOVED that ballroom and if memory serves me correctly it was the first place that I ever danced in Second Life (SL).

When the decision was made to overhaul Languedoc Coeur, I hauled Flat Rod there for one final dance. Though the ballroom was still standing the region was empty; more ghost-town then anything I've ever experienced in SL before or since. I planted Rod in the middle of the huge, marble floor and danced the minuet one last time. He was stoic (as only a cardboard cut-out can be) while I was a bit teary. He didn't start to sweat until I dragged him next door to the Languedoc Coeur Chapel , though that could have just been condensation collection on his rigid, board brow.

I'm glad I captured this moment and thought it was perfect for this dancing challenge. In response to the questions:

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Second Life Role-Play & The Queen of Everything

By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2013-08-28

When graphic artist Mary Engelbreit first came out with "The Queen of Everything" I applied for the title. Turns out I wasn't the only one that feltshe was perfectly suited for the position as my older cousin (and part-time babysitter) quickly informed me. Seems she thought her credentials were a tad better than mine. She may have beenbigger but I was determined. In the end we decided that there was nothing wrong with having more than one QoE. After all, good things are often made better when they are shared and there's a lot to be said for inclusiveness and equality.

The QoE adventurehas stood me in good stead throughout my lifeincludingmy arrival in Second Life and my introduction to role-play there. Good thing I already had some life experience because otherwise it would have been a disaster. Yes, I had the misfortune in my very first month to come up against a group that had blurred the line between role-play and realityenough to think that they could actually control my actions. They proceededto tell me what I could and could not create in this (new to me)virtual world and attempted to bully me into agreeing. They were delusional; I wasgobsmacked.

Fortunately I was also the QoE and soweparted company post-haste.

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Adventures w Flat Rod: Languedoc Coeur Chapel

By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2013-08-16

Having serenaded Flat Rod in the Coeur Opera House and danced the minuet with him in the Ballroom (see Adventures w Flat Rod: Rod Humble Crept into my Life ) I felt it was time for some quiet reflection so off we went to the Languedoc Coeur Chapel.

It was quiet, theair sostill that it was easy to imaginethatold incense still hung over the altar. No light filtered through the stained glass windowsbut the walls were wonderfullyilluminated by the tall,waxtapers.

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It's been a while since Rod Humble (aka Rodvik) crept into my life. Years really. Truth be told, I wasn't evenaware of his arrival at first, that's how stealthy he was.

This oversight on my part only seems fitting as I'm certain that to this dayhe has no idea that I even exist, except perhaps in the collective sense as a user of one of "his" products. I'm just one among the many and for the most part I'm very content withourat-arm's-length relationship.

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